Say goodbye to sleepy Mondays, with Procaffe’s automatic coffee machines Melbourne businesses will definitely be awake!

The availability of coffee in your workplace boosts workers morale as they could easily have a coffee fix every time there is a hint of fatigue. Notwithstanding that automatic office coffee machines look fantastic in the workplace.

Indeed, Melbourne businesses love automatic coffee machines as they allow employees to stay on top of their work. With a little investment, convenience is instantly translated into happiness and productivity!

Here are the top three reasons why Melbourne businesses love automatic coffee machines and why you should have one too.


  1. High Quality and Delicious Coffee

Barista-grade coffee in Melbourne businesses is a must. After all, Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia. In order words, workers are not easily satisfied with your average cup of coffee.

However, with Procaffe’s Franke A600 or A400, a powerful automatic office coffee machine, your workplace will no longer be limited to the standard black coffee.

With a touch of a button and with multiple options to choose from, the cups of coffee Frankie machines dispense will appeal to all your employees’ preferences.


  1. Ideal Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Coffee makes us stay awake and alert. It provides mental stimulation allowing us to engage and overcome challenging activities.

That’s why Procaffe’s Franke A400, a compact automatic coffee machine, is perfect for medium-sized businesses.

Capable of dispensing up to 200 cups of coffee each day, Franke A400 is the best automatic coffee machines Melbourne for medium-sized businesses with up to 99 employees.

Understanding that taste and quality of the coffee are important, Franke A400 will reliably provide you with Barista-grade coffee.

This will definitely calm every worker’s nerve even right before the deadline.


  1. User-friendly coffee machine use

Brewing using your standard coffee maker takes time. With big businesses, it will be impossible to catch up. You would not want cranky workers, would you?

Indeed, it is assuring to know that a good cup of coffee, of any variety, is always within reach.

Procaffe’s Franke A600, the big brother of Franke A400, is the fully automatic coffee solution for big businesses with more than 80 employees as it can dispense up to 350 cups of coffee any time of the day. May it espresso, cappuccino, or latte, Franke A600 has it all for you.


Choosing the Automatic Coffee Machines Melbourne Must Have

Truly, with automatic coffee machines Melbourne businesses will always stay productive all day long.

So, whatever the size of your business is, you will definitely find the right one with Procaffe.

What are you waiting for? Check out our automatic machines or contact us for a 2-week trial.