Corporate coffee solutions, among other office equipment, are one of the many things that the facilities manager takes care of in the company. 

Ask any facilities manager you know, and they’ll surely agree with it. 

But, why coffee? Why is coffee one of their priorities? And, more importantly, why are facilities managers choosing corporate coffee solutions?

Below, we rounded up a couple of good reasons why more and more facilities managers are pitching as the answer to any unhappy office’s problems.

Why Corporate Coffee Solutions?

The problem with a modern modestly-sized office today is not that they don’t have coffee or tea in the building, it’s just that what they’re offering is fairly basic compared to what the typical employer would prefer to have.

There are also offices that already have a corporate coffee solution in place. But, instead of solving the problem, they only make things worse because they provide cheap coffee machines that require constant repairs and maintenance, or generally just don’t provide quality coffee. 

The ideal solution to this problem is working with corporate coffee solutions providers that know and understand your business’ needs. They’re not just after profit

The ideal corporate coffee service makes sure that your employees get just the right amount of coffee that they need, which helps ensure that your workplace is running like a well-oiled machine, and you don’t end up paying more for professional coffee machines than you should.

With the right corporate coffee system, your some 80+ employees no longer need to settle for bad office coffee or have to go outside. 

This easy access to delicious coffee then increases overall office productivity and boosts morale.

Are There Disadvantages to Corporate Coffee Solutions?

Of course, corporate coffee solutions aren’t perfect. There are a couple of disadvantages. 

For example, even though fully automatic coffee is nice to have, maintenance, replacement, and product refills don’t come for free. Management may be hesitant to foot the bill for those. 

What’s even worse is that, as mentioned earlier, the office could find itself doing business with a service provider that DOES NOT offer quality service. 

Corporate coffee solutions should solve workplace problems NOT create more. 

This is why it’s incredibly important to work with service providers that know what they are doing, and will not hesitate to answer any and all questions that you might have about their products and services. 

Give Corporate Coffee Solutions a Try Today

The ideal solution to your office’s need for delicious coffee is to look for a corporate coffee provider that takes the time to understand your needs and will walk you through the entire process of choosing.

As the facilities manager, it is your job to ensure that the workplace is running as it should.

When looking for a corporate coffee system, your priority should be a service provider that wants what’s best for your business, and not a provider whose only goal isto get you to pay for more than what the workplace needs. 

A good start would be to look for a corporate coffee service that lets you test out their equipment for a minimum of a week. This should be enough time for the entire office to get a proper feel for the equipment, as well as give you a rough estimate on how much coffee the entire need on a regular basis. 

In the end, what you need to make sure of is that you work closely with a corporate coffee system provider that has your some 80+ employees’ best interests in mind. 

For a two-week trial, get in touch with Procaffe today.