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“Organising everything with Procaffe was really easy. I spoke to Josh, and within one or two days he came to see us to explain how everything would work. We were able to try different coffee samples, and then tailor our order to the ones we liked best. Considering the quality of the machine, the products, and the service you’re getting, it’s not expensive at all.”

Caitlyn Mastrogiuseppe, Administrator
Frankston Mazda

“The coffee experience at Activ8me has improved dramatically since we engaged the Procaffe team. Not only do we now have great tasting coffee and the best machine on the market, but the customer service is second to none.”

John Ferola, Finance Administration


“Since engaging Procaffe in 2014, we’ve had no coffee problems – I’ve never had a complaint. The ease of it all has taken the worry out of our general operations. I’d recommend it to anyone: Give it a go.”

Darrell Absalom, General Manager
Highett RSL


“Having Procaffe coffee in our office has made coffee breaks quick and efficient. Instead of our staff leaving the office for long-periods of time and spending money on coffee down the road, we have great tasting coffee on-site, which is appreciated by our staff and clients.”



“My wife and I have a morning ritual at home that includes fresh natural coffee every day. It starts with the great smell of the fresh beans and ends in an amazing taste.  Unfortunately that experience finished as soon as I arrived at the office and had to use our old coffee machine – yuck!  And then  we found Procaffe; Ross took the time to talk to me about our use patterns and the types of blends that staff and clients liked before making a recommendation and then Josh came by to give us some best practice tips in making the best coffee. The team are hooked on the new equipment and the quality and I now get to enjoy a little of my morning ritual at the office as well.”

Brett Bonser, Executive Director


The difference good coffee can make

Learn how Frankston Mazda reached a superior level of customer service with Procaffe.

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We’ve had the machine serviced by an array of different companies, but never in my 15 years of service have I had service as I have received by Procaffe…. I am exceptionally satisfied, and I can’t encourage you enough to give them a go.

Russel Porteous
CEO of Firewize

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