Our Story

A little bit of our history

“Everybody has the right to have a perfect coffee and anytime of the day, anywhere”.

In 2000 Procaffe became the Australasian agent for the Bristot Premium Italian Coffee brand. Produced in Northern Italy, this ISO accredited roasting house blended more than 90 years of experience with Procaffe’s vast local knowledge, to create a perfect unity of quality, research and precision. Australian workplaces soon began to embrace the luxury of premium Italian coffee.

Building on a loyal customer base, Procaffe began to import and distribute its own line of brewing equipment in 2004. Sourcing the ‘tools’ from an exclusive provider in Bologna, Italy meant that the company could confidently deliver coffee machines built to suit customers in the Australian market. This bespoke brewing equipment, when implemented and managed on the advice of Procaffe’s professional staff, can increase employee productivity, and in turn your profits.

Just ten years after a father and son realised their dream by forming the company, Procaffe launched an organic, fair trade coffee named Botanica to meet increasing corporate demand for fair trade coffee. Botanica underpins Procaffe’s ongoing commitment to the provision of specialist corporate service, and Procaffe recognises the Australian market’s sophisticated coffee needs.

Now operating out of our Melbourne headquarters, Procaffe is a thriving company of 15 employees, committed to delivering real coffee to your workplace, all day, every day.

Some of our highlights:

In the tasting room at Paccorini Green Beans.

First 100% Fairtrade & 100% Organic coffee produced in Australia.

Herald Sun article announcing us to Melbourne.

Our very first fully automatic coffee machine installation in the NAB Bank.

Panther dry steam prototype.

International gold medal from the institute of coffee tasters in Brescia, Italy.