Coffee machine service and maintenance

Avoid unplanned machine downtime with preventative
maintenance and fast, reliable technicians.

Coffee demands in the modern workplace can be tough

Coffee machines are the unsung heroes of offices around the world, and are a necessity for high-performance business operations.

So if your machine has broken down or isn’t working as it should, it can severely affect your employees, clients and ultimately, your business.

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coffee machine maintenance

As a crucial – if not critical – component of the workplace, a misfunctioning coffee machine will lead to:

  • Wasting money on constantly fixing broken machines
  • An inability to offer your clients good coffee when they come in for important meetings
  • Bad tasting coffee (and your staff complaining about it!)
  • Employees taking longer breaks to go out and buy coffee from the café down the street
  • Poor productivity and mood in the office
  • Dirty, unhygienic machines making consumers sick

Never have another breakdown again!

Just like a luxury car, your coffee machine needs to be be serviced regularly to ensure it is always running as it should.

At Procaffe, we understand that your business can’t afford machine downtime or a bad coffee experience.

That’s why you will receive regular and reliable onsite coffee machine servicing, maintenance and cleaning, as well as emergency repairs to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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For you this means:

office coffee machine repair

Decreased machine
downtime, or avoiding
machine downtime altogether

save money with coffee machine servicing

Prevention of costly repairs

coffee machine maintenance melbourne

Maintaining your machines

Extending the life
of your machine

Ensuring every cup of coffee
tastes just as it should

Staff functioning at their
highest level

Procaffe coffee technicians are some of the finest in
Australia, educated and experienced in coffee from bean
to the machine.

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