Cater to every taste with tantalising teas from Paddington Tea

We know coffee isn’t
everyone’s cup of tea.

So no one misses out on their daily pick me up, Procaffe offers a wide range of teas from Paddington Teas – a business whose focus on taste, quality and customer satisfaction matches our own.

You will be able to choose from their selection of popular flavours, catering to all tastes.

To take your tea experience to the next level, contact us.

Take your pick of our classic favourites

No matter your taste, get your tea hit with these classic flavours available all year round.

Green Tea


English Breakfast

Earl Grey

Open up your workplace to
happiness, calm and tranquili-tea.

The office coffee experience is more than just coffee.

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Why Paddington Tea?

Paddington Tea has works closely with some of the finest tea merchants across Australia, Sri Lanka and India, sourcing the finest tea leaves to use in their unique blends and recipes.

The flavours and aromatics of Paddington Tea create a drinking experience more complete and nourishing than your usual cup of tea. Their aim is to provide high quality tea that caters to all tastes and needs, delivering flavour, comfort and satisfaction with every sip.