Cater to every taste with tantalising teas from Tea Tonic

We know coffee isn’t
everyone’s cup of tea.

So no one misses out on their daily pick me up, Procaffe offers a wide range of teas from Tea Tonic – a local Melbourne business whose focus on taste, quality and wellness matches our own.

You will be able to choose from the staples, as well as a rotating selection of seasonal blends, unique to Tea Tonic.

To take your tea experience to the next level, contact us.

Take your pick on our classic favourites

No matter your taste, get your tea hit with these classic flavours available all year round.

Green Tea


English Breakfast

Seasonal Sensations

Treat your tastebuds with a tea to match your mood.Our seasonal range will change throughout the year, offering different and but delicious Tea Tonic infusions.

For information on our current seasonal offering, please call the Procaffe team on 1300 790 710.

Open up your workplace to
happiness, calm and tranquili-tea.

The office coffee experience is more than just coffee. Every new Procaffe customer will
receive a Tea Chest of 100 Tea Tonic tea bags to test and trial their favourite flavours.

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Why tea tonic?

Tea Tonic prides itself on being Australian’s healthiest tea range.

Professionally formulated by a qualified naturopath and herbalist, Tea Tonic has grown from humble beginnings of just one tea, to being one of the premier suppliers of organic tea in Australia with 25 different blends.

Every blend is personally formulated to ensure quality, taste, health and wellbeing, to provide an unmatchable drinking experience and all round holistic approach.