Office coffee cups for wherever your day takes you

Coffee that moves with you.

Have you ever been looking forward to your morning coffee only to find there are no clean mugs? Or how about having to forgo your 3pm caffeine hit because someone booked you into a meeting?

At Procaffe, we never want you to miss out on your daily coffee, so we provide Bristot takeaway paper cups – so your coffee can go wherever you do.

To ensure you never run out of cups for your daily pick me ups, contact us.

100% quality cups

Build the ultimate workplace environment while still caring for the wider one.

Our high quality, double walled insulated paper cups come in multiple sizes, with everything you need for a coffee experience on the go:

Black ripple cups
(8, 12 or 16 oz)

(8, 12 or 18 oz)

Wooden stirrers

With extra cups, no one misses out

By adding takeaway cups to your order, you’ll always be prepared for extra staff or visitors, last minute location changes or for the coffee run that requires you to carry multiple cups at once.

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