All the options of a cafe without leaving the office

Let the taste consume you.

True office coffee culture is about everyone being able to indulge in a little cup of something, regardless of their preferences.

The Procaffe consumables range caters to those who aren’t coffee drinkers – or who are just in the mood for something a little different.

Whether you’re craving something warm and rich, light and sweet or deep and spicy, talk to Procaffe to find an option that will hit the spot.

The coffee experience is about more than coffee.

Delight staff and visitors alike by going above and beyond with your hot beverage options.


Vending Chocolate (750g)
Dark Premium Chocolate (1kg)
Drinking Chocolate (440g tin)


Spice Chai (1kg)
Spice Chai (440g tin)
Vanilla Chai (440g tin)

Add ins

Sugar sticks – white
Sugar sticks – raw
Greenspoon Natural Sweetener
Vienna vending milk (1kg bags)

Brought together in perfect symphony

Thinking outside the box when it comes to your office coffee supplies can go a long way to creating a happy, satisfied and inclusive office environment.

To add a touch of affordable luxury to your workplace.

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