Our beans

The world’s most luxurious coffee from around the globe, delivered straight to your workplace.

All our coffee beans are sourced from premium coffee suppliers to guarantee quality, flavour and the perfect cup of coffee, every time. We offer four premium blends, so you can choose one that speaks to you.

Suitable for Automatic and Hybrid machines.

bristot tiziano coffee beans


Medium/Dark Roast

Origin: A mix of Rainforest Alliance Certified* beans from Brazil, Colombia, and India

Distinguishing features: This eco-friendly blend is sourced from all around the world but is locally roasted in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, giving it the perfect taste of wanderlust and home.

Tasting notes: Medium body with sweet chocolate, nuts and caramel

*Certification applies from June/July 2022

bristot tiziano coffee beans


Medium/Dark Roast

Origin: This superior blend is composed of fine Brazilian beans together with New Guinea and Colombian selections

Distinguishing features: An elegant blend of nutty and chocolate flavours combine to create a smooth, rich cup of coffee.

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, toasted almond, bitter caramel, hints of orange

bristot tiziano coffee beans


Superior Quality

Origin: This superior quality coffee is composed of fine Brazilian Santos Arabica beans together with mild, aromatic Central American varieties and full-bodied African and Indian selections.

Distinguishing features: Well-balanced blend, refined and intense aroma

Tasting notes: Spicy and tropical fruit notes, round mellow flavour

bristot tiziano coffee beans


100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Origin: Combination of four certified organic coffees sourced from the premium growing areas of Columbia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and New Guinea.

Distinguishing features: The higher altitudes and cool climates provide an elegant and aromatic complexity to the blend.

Director’s Blend

Medium Roast

Origin: Sourced from the premium rowing areas of India, Brazil and New Guinea

Distinguishing features: A full-bodied bean, deep in flavour that’s rich and smooth on the palate and produces a thick, rich crema

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, toasted almond, and caramel, with hints of sweet orange and spice

Other Coffee Products

Intense flavoured and full bodied, our biodegradable and compostable
coffee pods are perfect for the Boutique Gimas Pod Machine.

Ground coffee is also available as a coffee alternative.

organic coffee pods australia


  • Bristot Coffee Pods (7g)
  • Bristot Double Pods (13.5g)
  • Decaffe Coffee Pods
corporate coffee powder


  • Directors Blend Ground Coffee
  • Swiss Decaf Ground Coffee

Find the perfect blend

With beans like these, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect one.

To help you find a perfect blend for your workplace, the Procaffe team will come
and test them all with you and your staff – we never fail to find the perfect match.

The perfect bean needs the perfect machine.

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