WMF espresso

The connecting link between authentic coffee and the undeniable benefits of automation

The perfect espresso, handmade automatically.

The WMF espresso is made with advanced technology which measures all vital brewing parameters, grinds and tamps automatically.

Not only does it harbour a new level of control via its touch display, stream jet for centralised pre-heating of cups, an air-cooled bean hopper per group head to preserve the freshness of the beans, a heatable cup storage for a luxurious coffee experience – it also has an extraordinary control over milk and a reduction in workflow time, bridging the gap between two worlds to ensure a barista made coffee with minimal effort in no time.

This machine can make up to 300 cups per hour, making it the perfect choice for mid-large sized businesses who value barista made coffee, automatically.

Features and Benefits

User-friendly touch screen interface

Anyone in your workplace can be a barista with the high-definition touch screen, dispensing café-quality coffee at the touch of a button.


3 different portafilters in different sizes for one or two cups. The machine detects the different portafilters automatically and displays only the possible coffee selections for each one.

Integrated grinders & automatic tamping

Two integrated grinders are equipped with precision-honed grinder disks to ensure an outstanding quality of espresso every time. The machine also automatically tamps with 100 % consistency.

Automatic or traditional milk foam preparation

The innovative and unique automatic or traditional milk  Auto Steam wand can produce three different consistencies of milk foam automatically at the touch of a button – or manually, to create latte art in traditional barista style.

Air-cooled bean hoppers

The two concealed, air-cooled 550g bean hoppers allows for storage of two different types of coffee so beans are kept fresh.

A workplace coffee machine like no other, the WMF espresso machine is the latest in coffee innovation.

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