Wega Pegaso

A fantastic quality professional coffee machine
with a minimalist Italian design

Guaranteeing consistency, flexibility, reliability and pure coffee excellence

The Wega Pegaso is a solid performing espresso machine, and a beautifully stylish front of house addition to any business.

With four programmable doses per group, and a manual brewing button, this machine is perfect for those wanting a high-performing machine at an affordable price.

Features and benefits

Reliable build

Temperature precision and control comes from insulated stainless steel boilers, independent for pre-heating and brewing for each group.

The high-flow rotary pump ensures optimal brewing pressure is always maintained, even with all groups operating together.

High-tech design

Pressure, temperature and water levels are constantly monitored by high-precision electric sensors showing real time values and volumes on digital screens on the machine. This allows the barista to have pinpoint accuracy to make the perfect cup, every time.

Other Specifications

  • Available in 2 and 3 groups version
  • Electronic coffee machine with proportioned dose setting
  • Built-in motor pump
  • Double scape manometer for hour
  • Two steam wands
  • Stainless steel body
  • Boiler and pipes made of copper
  • Stainless steel filters
  • 4-dose touch-pad

Designed and engineered with the philosophy that advanced technology must go hand in hand with simplicity.

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