Procaffe P100

The workplace coffee machine delivering a brand-new coffee experience

A machine that caters to every taste, every time

The perfect coffee is different for everyone, so pleasing everyone in your business can be close to impossible.

The Procaffe P100 makes the impossible possible, with 30 different speciality coffees selection available at the touch of a button. The fully automatic machine does the hard work for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy the barista-quality coffee.

One of the highest quality and most affordable coffee machines available, the P100 combines features you’d expect from a large commercial machine with the usability of a small one. The fully automatic machine can make up to 200 cups a day, making it a great choice for small and mid-sized businesses looking for high quality coffee with minimal effort.

Discover the advantages of the Procaffe P100

Touch screen

Quality coffee at the touch of a button. The 10.1" touch screen is simple to operate, and multilingual-making excellent coffee is just one touch away.

Flavour focus

Ceramic flat-type blades and a 500kg grinding life cycle accurately grinds the beans into unified-size powder, bringing out the unique flavour.

Low maintenance

The detachable milk system, non-interfering easy cleaning and hidden milk tube make cleaning and maintenance of the P100 effortless.

The perfect fit

Boasting an 8L water tank but still compact enough to fit under kitchen cabinets, the P100 requires zero expert set up and can start serving up coffees in no time.


The power of a commercial machine with the simplicity of a small one, the Procaffe P100 lets everyone in your business experience their own ideal coffee.

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