Jura X8

Small machine usability with big machine features and taste

Up your coffee game

A machine that caters to
every taste, every time

The perfect coffee is different for everyone, so pleasing everyone in your business can be close to impossible.

But the Jura X8 makes the impossible possible, with 16 different speciality coffees available at the touch of a button, each easily customisable, you can cater to every and any taste. The fully automatic machine does the hard work for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy the barista-quality coffee.

One of the most affordable quality machines available, the Jura X8 combines features you’d expect from a large commercial machine with the usability of a small one. The fully automatic machine can make up to 80 cups a day, making it a great choice for small and mid-sized businesses looking for high quality coffee with minimal effort.

Discover the advantages of the Jura X8

One-touch technology

This machine is as smart as they come, with a user-friendly touch screen interface. A black coffee is just one touch away, while a milk coffee takes just two touches – making it easy for anyone to make their perfect cup of coffee.

Speciality, customisable coffees

If you like something a bit more special than a regular latte, the Jura WE8 can deliver. The machine can save and deliver 16 different speciality coffees, which you can customise to your own taste.

Automatic cleaning & Claris smart filter

Maintaining a clean machine and outstanding hygiene is easy with an automatic cleaning function and a smart filter to ensure the water used to make every cup is clean and untainted.

Adjustable strengths and temperatures

Every taste is different, and in a workplace you want to be able to cater for them all. The X8 has 10 different coffee strengths, three water temperatures and two milk temperatures to choose from, all completely adjustable from cup to cup for the perfect coffee, every time for every person.

A coffee experience that looks as good as
it tastes

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The power of a commercial machine with the simplicity of a small one, the Jura X8 lets everyone in your business experience their own ideal coffee.

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