Franke A600

The intelligent, high-performance coffee
machine for workplaces with 80+ employees

The ultimate office coffee
machine for 80+ employees

Developed out of Franke’s constant drive to be the world leader in coffee machine innovation, the Franke A600 serves up premium barista coffee and other hot beverages at the touch of a button.

Capable of dispensing up to 350 cups of coffee per day.

Discover the advantages of the Franke A600

User-friendly touch screen interface

The intuitive touch screen makes operation simple and efficient for you and your team.

Browse all of your beverage options that are neatly and clearly displayed on the 8 inch screen — simply make your selection and indulge yourself!

Machine configuration to your office requirements

Smart technology enables the machine to be configured exactly to your office’s tastes and preferences.

Whether your team like their coffee extra hot, or extra strong, after your 2 week coffee machine trial we’ll configure your machine exactly the way your team likes it.

Automatic cleaning systems to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards

The Franke A600 has a fully automatic cleaning system, that executes a milk cleaning sequence every 20 minutes.

This means that you can enjoy a hygienic and spotlessly clean A600 FM at all times with the greatest of ease.

State of the art extraction and brewing system

Made from the best components, the A600 system incorporates a practical, easily accessible bean hopper that is easy to fill, and ensures the beans move optimally from machine through to cup.

The precision grinding discs are also extremely robust with a long service life, resulting in consistent, uniform grinding results over time.

The FoamMaster™ difference

Fitted as an option, the FoamMasterTM system is an advanced milk system that uses a special method of foaming that guarantees the perfect foam in every cup.

Heated to exactly 64 degrees, the FoamMasterTM milk system enables you to enjoy milk foam as if it has been prepared by a barista.

  • The consistency and thickness of the foam can be adjusted according to individual preference.
  • Under high outputs and the highest of demands, the foam will remain of outstanding consistency.
  • Enjoy endless drinking combinations with hot and cold milk foam to create a range of beverages.

FoamMaster™ not the right option for you?

The Franke A600 also comes with the option of a state of the art classic milk system that
offers hot and cold milk foam, and exact dosing via milk pump.

Either way, the A600 will thrill you with the complete taste experience.

Packed with true passion and 100% Swissness


is the ultimate workplace coffee machine available for rent or purchase.

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