Franke A300

Delivering big machine features in a compact size, the Franke A300 is an
affordable option for small workplaces.

A small automatic coffee machine with big features

Thought you had to be big workplace to enjoy a Franke Coffee Machine? Think again. The Franke A300 is the baby of the family – the same amazing taste you’d expect from a Franke, but in compact form.

No longer is your only option a basic, uninspiring pod machine. With the A300, you can make cup after cup of delectable bean-to-cup coffee without having to make space for a big machine.

And while it may be small, it’s still packed with features to cater to all tastes, no barista skills required. Simply plug it in and start enjoying cafe-quality coffee.

Suitable for workplaces with up to 80 employees.

Discover the advantages of the Franke A300

User-friendly touch screen interface

A large and easy-to-navigate touch screen offers step by step instructions for making your favourite coffee or hot drink.

Ideal for self-service, it makes it easy for everyone to use and enjoy.

Automatic cleaning systems for easy and hygienic maintenance

Keeping your machine clean and hygienic is easy and quick with the A300’s EasyClean automatic system.

The system is environmentally friendly and full integrated, automatically descaling the machine and eliminating limescale.

The perfect milk foam to go with the perfect coffee

The Franke A300 features the FoamMaster, to ensure every coffee is paired with your preferred milk option.

It offers unlimited milk consistencies, a feature seldom found in machines of this size and price range.

Small footprint for compact spaces

Enjoy the features and the quality of a bigger automatic machine, in the size of compact pod machine.

Available in multiple configurations, the Franke A300 can be set up to fit your space.

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Start enjoying the ultimate coffee experience in your workplace with the Franke A300 – one of the best machine’s available for small businesses.

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