80+ Employees

Always keep up with the coffee demand

Keep staff and visitors alike happy and caffeinated – no matter how many there are.

Revolutionise your coffee experience and always keep up with demand with a luxury automatic coffee machine.

Coffee Machines

Suitable for large companies, automatic machines are the ultimate workplace coffee machine that will revolutionise your coffee experience.

Franke A600 corporate coffee machine
Franke A600

The ultimate office coffee machine for
80+ employees

Commercial Group
Coffee Machines

Commercial coffee machines are perfect for those organisations that have budding Baristas and want to give their organisation that cafe feel.

WMF espresso

The perfect espresso, handmade automatically

Astoria Calypso

Your traditional commercial espresso machine

wega pegaso group coffee machine

Wega Pegaso

Like a commercial espresso machine, only smaller!

Have a luxury coffee on us

Indulge in the perfect cup of coffee in your own office
with a 2-week automatic coffee machine trial.

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