Buying a coffee machine for business use is great, until you realise the amount of burden it puts on the facilities manager.

It’s one thing to have access to delicious coffee all of the time. It’s another to expect the facilities manager to make sure that the coffee machine for business use works as it should all of the time while also attending to other important stuff in and around the workplace.

Luckily, there is a solution to this.

There are service providers that offer commercial coffee machines for hire that can help make life easier for facilities management teams. Instead of buying a coffee machine for business use, the solution is to lease it, from workplace coffee specialist providers.

Although investing in office coffee machines may sound counter-productive, once you consider the benefits for you as a facilities manager, as well as the entire workplace as a whole, it becomes a no-brainer of a choice.

Why It Pays to Lease a Coffee Machine for Business Use

By paying a workplace coffee service provider, your office enjoys the following benefits:
  • Easy and no-frills set-up that can be done in a matter of hours.
  • Free trials.-You can choose from a variety of coffee machine for business use. This includes self-cleaning machines, as well as easy-to-clean machines, among other things.
  • On-demand and convenient servicing and maintenance options. -Free training for the entire workplace.
  • Good coffee anytime.

There are also other benefits as well.

For example, the standard coffee machine for business use when bought is very expensive. But, by leasing, you don’t have to pay for the whole price upfront. Not to mention, for a fraction of the cost, you get servicing and maintenance, as well as cleaning. Plus, most service providers that offer commercial coffee machines for hire also throw in a variety of free stuff in their package, or at the very least, will give some at a discount, like, for example, coffee beans, cups, stirrers, syrups and others.

Also, because you get a separate account manager for your business, you can stay on top of how much it costs to keep your coffee machine for business use running.

Business coffee

Should Every Business Get a Coffee Machine For Business Use?

The answer is yes.

It’s no secret that the modern workforce runs on coffee, especially in Melbourne. Today’s employees want coffee. But, they also don’t just want any coffee, they want good coffee, and most are not afraid to spend for it. However, walking to-and-fro and ordering from their favourite coffee place that away valuable time and productivity that they could have spent for your business.

With a quality coffee machine for business use, you have the ability to give your grumpy caffeine-deprived employees quality espresso on demand.

It doesn’t matter what kind of easy serving espresso they want, or what kind of beans they prefer. So long as you work with the right provider, rest assured that your office’s coffee needs will be met.

For more information about office coffee machines, be sure to get in touch with Procaffe and get a two-week free trial.