Let’s admit it, your workplace coffee could use some work. 

This is a dilemma that most if not all employees, as well as employers, and clients alike, can relate to. 

The fact is, most companies don’t employee their own barista. Nor do most have a cafeteria fitted with top-of-the-line workplace coffee machines. Nor do companies even see a serviceable coffee machine a good investment.  

For these very reasons, getting quality coffee in the workplace is near-impossible.  

Or, at least, that’s what most people think.  

You see, you don’t always have to settle for bland coffee at work.  

Below are ways to help make sure that you get the perfect workplace coffee everyday for yourself, your 30-80 employees, and your clients.  

1. Switch to whole beans

Whole beans are more aromatic and flavourful compared to the pre-ground stuff usually found on the shelves of your favourite grocery store.  

The switch might mean that your office will have to invest in a quality burr grinder — bur grinders give more even-sized grinds compared to other types of grinders — and coffee beans are usually more expensive, but it’s a switch well worth it.  

workplace coffee, coffee beans in white cup

2. Use proper proportions

The ideal water-to-coffee ratio is 18 grams of water per gram of coffee. That’s about 4 cups for every 3 and a half tablespoons of coffee.  

Any more (or less) will affect the taste significantly, resulting in a lower-quality and bland tasting, or bitter coffee.  

Make sure to follow the ratio to get better-tasting coffee.  

3. Use clean tools…Or just get a machine that cleans itself

Workplace coffee machines are notorious for not being maintained properly.  

If you don’t clean your machine and you let the coffee oils and milk residue set on the machine, it will eventually smell foul and affect the taste of the coffee.  

Modern, premium automatic coffee machines like the Franke A400 and Franke A600 have state-of-the-art automatic cleaning systems, so you will never have to worry about a dirty machine again 

4. Use quality coffee tools and ingredients

Perhaps the best way to ensure that you get the best workplace coffee day-in and day-out is to invest in workplace coffee machines that are designed to create coffee that’s the same quality as that of you can buy from specialty cafes, if not better! 

Also, make sure that you use premium-quality Italian coffee beans. 

Remember, good beans make good coffee, and paired with the right equipment, your workplace will never see having coffee at the workplace the same way again.   

Get Quality Workplace Coffee Starting Today

You don’t always have to settle for the quality of the brewed coffee in your office, and by following our tips, you can help change everyone’s perception on how workplace coffee can and should be.  

As you know by now, it is possible to have good coffee at the workplace by doing the right things or investing in the right coffee equipment.  

If you’re part of the management or the owner of a small business, there are significant benefits to your business of letting your 30-80 employees and clients enjoy a cup of quality coffee.  

If you’re interested, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Procaffe for a 2-week, free coffee machine trial.