Who wouldn’t want to have great-tasting coffee at work? Most people would immediately dive at the chance to work in such an office. 

Unfortunately, because of convenience, most offices go and buy pod coffee machines.  

That’s why we rounded up 5 reasons why fresh bean coffee machines make for the ideal workplace coffee solutions.  

coffee at work, coffee beans, grinded coffee, coffee design in metal scoops

1. Quality coffee every time

The best way to guarantee great-tasting coffee is to brew it directly from whole beans.  

Fresh bean coffee machines brew the coffee immediately after grinding the beans, ensuring the best combination of flavour and aroma.  

This results in fresh and smooth delicious coffee that everyone of the 30-80 employees in the workplace will love.  

2. They’re very simple to use

Most companies think that pods are the best coffee machine for workplace use because they are convenient — that’s not entirely true.  

While pod coffee machines are indeed easy to use and grinding whole beans can be quite the hassle, a commercial bean to cup coffee machine does all of the heavy-lifting for you.  

This means that, all you got to do is to choose what kind of coffee you want brewed, and voila, you get quality espresso, or whatever coffee at work it was that you wanted, every time. 

3. Sleek and sophisticated design

Have you ever seen a modern bean to cup coffee machine? They look so good! 

The sleek design blends well in just about any break room counter-top, making bean to cup coffee machines the perfect marriage of function and form. 

4. Sustainability

For companies with at least 30-80 employees, as well as those that have more, using other coffee machines to have coffee at work can be a huge waste of paper filters and plastic cups.  

By using bean to cup machines for workplace coffee, you eliminate the need for both.  

Because all you need to brew your favourite quality espresso are organic whole beans (another huge plus), bean to cup machines are more sustainable and environmental-friendly compared to other types of commercial coffee machines.  

5. Economical

A fully automatic coffee bean to cup machine isn’t cheap when you buy them outright. Although the price varies from model to model, bean to cup machines are usually more expensive.  

But, that’s okay.  

There are specialist workplace coffee companies that offer affordable rental packages. This makes it well worth the investment because everyone in the workplace, from the employees to the management and even the clients, get to enjoy high-quality and delicious coffee at work that tastes just as good if not better than what they can get from their favourite cafes.  

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Coffee at Work

If you’ve been settling for bland coffee at work, then it’s high time to make some changes.  

Be sure to browse our coffee office machines and other office solutions to know more about how you can significantly improve the quality of coffee at work, or simply contact us to have a chat about your workplace coffee needs.