Recycle your coffee waste with Planetware

Empowering Australian businesses to be
environmentally responsible in the workplace.

At Procaffe, we believe in environmentally responsible practices, empowering workplaces, and supporting other local Australian businesses just like us.

So, we’ve brought all three of these principles together by partnering with Planetware, and offering you a way to ensure your coffee is disposed of in a sustainable
and environmentally friendly way — rather than ending up in landfill.

Planetware is a service that organises to collect all your coffee waste and recycle it – turning it into either energy or compostable material.

Planetware will:

  • Supply you with bins and compostable bin liners
  • Collect your coffee waste from your office
  • Process the waste sustainably
  • Compost your processes waste

Do good, feel good

By partnering with Planetware to recycle your coffee waste, you can:

office coffee machine repair
Lower your business’s
environmental impact
office coffee machine repair
Know your waste is
being treated properly
office coffee machine repair
Not have to worry about
extra office waste
office coffee machine repair
Feel even better about
your daily coffee

To get your recycling service started, click here to contact the team
at Planetware or give them a call directly on +61 03 9429 2888 and
mention you’re a Procaffe customer.