Simple, all-inclusive coffee machine hire for your workplace

The luxury of great coffee without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining your own machine

Coffee demands are high, and so is the pressure to meet them

Coffee culture is big in Melbourne – including in the workplace.

But the pressure to offer in-house coffee can actually lead to a worse coffee experience for staff and visitors.

Purchasing your own office coffee machine can lead to:

Choosing the wrong machine for your needs, unable to keep up with demands.

Prolonged downtime when it breaks down, while you wait for the manufacturer to fix it - and costly services once the warranty expires.

Huge expenses of continually upgrading dirty, outdated machines.

The machie going to waste because the coffee quality is poor, and staff can get better coffee at the local cafe.

Constantly having to order more supplies.

Have the hard work done for you with office coffee machine hire

When you decide to hire your coffee machine, you don’t just save on the initial cost of the machine, but you have experts on hand to make sure you get exactly what you need, and keep things running smoothly.

5 Major Benefits Of An Office Coffee Machine with Procaffe


No big upfront costs – just a regular, affordable payment plan.


Upgrade to a new machine when yours becomes outdated, no long-term investment required


Never worry about downtime with frequent preventative service and maintenance, and technicians on call


Cater to everyone with a package that includes all the extras – including tea, chocolate, chai and more – delivered on a regular basis


Save on the financial and productivity losses associated with staff taking extended, external coffee breaks

Office Coffee That
Offers Real Benefits

Save money, time and your reputation with a world-class coffee machine and hire package that is tailored to your size, budget – and coffee consumption.


Save money, time and your reputation with a world-class coffee machine and hire package that is tailored to your size, budget – and coffee consumption.


Before you sign any agreement, we’ll install a machine into your workplace, so you can trial the machine and sample premium coffee blends.


As part of the complete corporate coffee solution, we’ll deliver all your supplies including coffee beans, tea, cleaning products and more, straight to your workplace as required.


Our commitment to providing the best possible customer service means we’ll provide ongoing service and support right from the get-go.


Preventative service and maintenance programs are part of our commitment to you, to ensure your machines are working at full capability with minimum downtime.

Here Are Some Coffee Machines You Could Have In Your Office

Franke A400

Franke A400

Franke A600

Franke A600

Nouva Simonelli
Appia Life 2 Group

Franke Mytico
Vario Hybrid

With a whole range of premium machines to choose from, we'll help you find a machine that perfectly suits your needs.

Why wait any longer for amazing coffee in your office?

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