Starting your day off with a cup of coffee just feels right for most people, but did you know that plenty of workplaces don’t have a coffee machine for business or office use?

In fact, most employers don’t even see the sense of buying one.

That’s just plain weird!

Just think about it. Coffee is such an integral part of modern society that the coffee industry sees an annual compound growth rate of 5.5% globally, and yet, for some bizarre reason, office coffee machines are not the norm.

Because of this, we decided that it would be a good idea to put together a list of 4 good reasons why having a coffee machine for business use is a good idea.

1. Improved workplace productivity

Caffeine has been proven to help improve productivity, resulting in deadlines being met and overall, better work quality.

Perhaps, more importantly, having a coffee machine for office use gives employees a reason to show up early because they can count on having a cup of coffee to help them get their mind right before they start their day.

2. Happier employees

Most employees miss work or are late because they’re feeling down.

Having a coffee machine for business and office use is a small thing that can have a huge impact on such individuals.

Also, because happiness is contagious, the more happy employees you have, the happier the workplace is, and a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

3. Boosts staff morale and workplace culture

Multiple research studies have shown that taking coffee breaks with co-workers help improve communication and workplace relationships. This also helps create a culture where co-workers get together often to discuss pretty much everything, from their personal lives to office-related matters.

Who knows? New and innovative business ideas might be born just because you invested in a coffee machine for business and office use!

Even if no new ideas are fostered, the fact that people generally find it easier to chat and talk over a cup of high-quality coffee in itself helps improve staff morale and establishes a more tight-knit workplace culture.

4. Makes a good impression on clients

Approximately half of all Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. A huge percentage of that drinks more than one, and as much as your employees appreciate a good coffee, you know who would love a cup of brewed coffee more?

Your clients!

Serving your clients quality coffee might not help you seal the deal, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to leave a good impression now, wouldn’t it?

With an espresso machine for office use, you give your company a better shot at making a good and lasting impression on your clients.

Invest in a Coffee Machine for Business Use Today

As you can see, having a coffee machine for business use is the ideal solution for all of your office’s current and future problems.

You might not be a coffee lover yourself, but your employees and your clients probably are. In fact, most people are, making office coffee machines a logical investment that should pay dividends for the company in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get in touch with Procaffe to find a machine that perfectly suits the needs of your business.