The right espresso machine for office use can make or break overall staff productivity.

Choose right, and people will love coming in early if only to get some peace and quiet while enjoying a cup of coffee before the chaos of the day starts. But, if you choose wrong, be prepared for it to be one of those office coffee machines that’s only used if most people are working overtime.

Given the importance of choosing the right espresso machine for office use, we took the liberty of helping you come to the right decision.

Below are the different factors that you should consider when looking for a espresso machine for office use.

1. How many coffee drinkers are there in the office?

Not everyone thinks that a coffee machine for office use is a must-have. And though it’s always nice to have more than less, too much of a good thing is always bad – coffee is no exception. So if you’re paying for more than you need, then you’re basically throwing money away.

Getting just the right-sized coffee solution for your office is essential to satisfying all of the coffee drinkers.

Just to be safe though, go with something that’s a little bit bigger but not too big. The reason for this is that, you’ll never know just how many in your office will be converted to full-fledged coffee drinkers if they can get café quality anytime they want.

2. What kind of coffee do people in the office like?

People just don’t drink coffee. Coffee drinkers have preferences. Some are okay with instant (these are a rare species), while others prefer to have it brewed directly from fresh coffee beans.

Make sure to ask around for what kind of coffee most people in the office prefer so you can pick among the right type of office coffee machines, or better yet, have a tasting with potential service providers.


Espresso machine for office

3. Can you afford to have the espresso machine for office use cleaned regularly?

Cleaning coffee machines is hard work. You simply just can’t ask any employee to do it and expect them to be just as productive if they didn’t have this additional task.

For this very reason, you may want to consider self-cleaning machines for office use.

Of course, it also depends on your arrangement. You can get an espresso machine for office use from a provider that may throw in free periodic maintenance and cleaning along with your usual fees.

4. Automatic vs manual

Having an espresso machine for office use is convenient, until you realise has different preferences for how they want their coffee and what kind of coffee they want. This makes choosing the right machine a decision that requires more consideration.

Automatic vs manual is a point of contention when choosing for an espresso machine for office use.

Automatic is great for convenience. They’re extremely easy to use and have a wide variety of options available. All you need to do is to pick and choose from the touch screen and voila, you’ll get your coffee right there and then. However, manual machines are not without merit either. Although they are a bit more cumbersome to use, they offer a more authentic coffee experience at work.

Because there are a variety of factors involved, you will want to take the time to browse through multiple office coffee machines in order to make the right choice.

For help choosing a machine that suits your office needs, be sure to get in touch with Procaffe.