The start of the new year is the perfect time to get things done. It’s when the decisions are made, projects are started, and improvements to the workplace are more likely to be made. Improvements like a workplace coffee machine.

It’s something that might seem small and trivial, but workplace coffee has been proven to deliver some serious benefits.

But while now might be a good time to introduce a new coffee machine – or upgrade your old one – it’s never a good time to waste money.

Coffee can be a great investment for your workplace – if it’s done right. If not, it can turn into an unforeseen money pit.

Being smart about how you pay for your machine can make all the difference on your return down the track.

Who is really paying for staff coffee breaks?

If you’re trying to be smart about your spending, your first option, of course, is to not invest in coffee at all. You can give your staff and visitors the choice of cheap, in-office instant or the local café.

It might seem like the most financially savvy option. It might seem that there are practically no out-of-pocket costs for the business. But the costs are still there, hidden from sight.

First, there’s the disappointment. These days, an office coffee machine is almost expected, by staff and clients. But aside from this, a lack of in-office coffee can come at a financial cost to business as well:

  • Lost time: The average coffee break is 24 minutes. Factor in one or two a day for every coffee drinker, and it adds up. Which leads to…
  • Lost productivity: The more time spent at the café, the less time spent working, and the lower the productivity day to day. Which leads to…
  • High costs: The time out of the office and the loss of productivity add up to labour and revenue costs of tens of thousands of dollars a year for small businesses (and even more for bigger ones).

Even if you’re not supplying the coffee, you’re still paying for it.

Buy or hire? Breaking it down

Lost productivity can cost a business a whole lot more than what you’d pay for a workplace coffee machine. So, if you’re looking to save this year, it’s not a bad place to start.

But then comes the task of choosing how you get that machine. You have two real choices if you want to invest in a coffee machine for your workplace – buying or hiring.

Both options give you a coffee machine. They both give you excellent coffee. But the benefits and drawbacks of each are very different and will affect your coffee experience – as well as your costs.

We’ve compiled a list of the things you should consider:


The higher return of coffee machine hire

As we saw with the original option of not providing coffee at all, time is money. The more time that’s spent getting coffee, the more expensive that coffee becomes.

The same principle applies to ‘buy vs. hire’. There are some great benefits that come with buying your own machine. But the time and costs associated with buying, maintaining, and filling the machine add up.

For workplaces who want a great cup of coffee without any extra fuss, hiring a coffee machine offers some great benefits:

  • Value for money
  • A true investment in workplace productivity and culture
  • The best result for the least effort
  • Experts on hand every step of the way

Often, a hire package will come with everything you need, from coffee beans, tea, and syrups, to maintenance and cleaning supplies.

This ensures that coffee becomes the relaxing part of your day, not something that is added to your never-ending list of things to do and fix.

The best part? You always know what you’re getting, as you can often try the machine and beans first. Procaffe even offers eligible businesses a 2-week free trial, so you can be really sure about your decision.

As the leading provider of coffee machines in Melbourne, Procaffe will also tailor a rental package to your exact needs, bringing down costs even further. Discover their range of options here, or click here to speak to one of the team.