Procaffe has a proud, longstanding partnership with Procaffe Europe and Bristot Coffee, who in 2019 celebrate 100 years of quality Italian coffee roasting.

It’s thanks to this partnership that we are able to bring world-quality coffee to Australian workplaces, allowing you to experience the same luxury coffee sitting at your desk as you would sitting in an Italian piazza.

Bristot: Passion for coffee

A business that has turned coffee-roasting into an art to be safeguarded and handed down over the generations

Bristot, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, is a coffee-roasting plant in the Procaffè Spa group, founded in 1989, which in turn was taken over by the Austrian Wedl-GmbH group.

The plant was established in Belluno in 1919 by Domenico Bristot, whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to be one of the first coffee roasters to realise the great potential of developing the espresso machine, which enjoyed growing success in bars and restaurants from the early 20th century onwards.

Inquisitive, creative and never satisfied, Domenico continued his experiments and technical trials with new machines to find the best coffee blends for these new extraction systems, managing to develop one that created surprisingly fruity notes in the cup and a chocolate aftertaste. He named it Tiziano after the versatile 16th-century painter from Belluno, Tiziano Vecellio.

For almost 100 years, creativity, “Italianness” and research have formed an intrinsic part of Bristot’s DNA, handed down to the present day thanks to the expertise and ability of all those who work daily to make the company what it is: its tenacious, proud and passionate hard workers, thanks to whom the Bristot brand is now appreciated in more than sixty-five countries worldwide and is ranked among the top ten in Italy’s HORECA industry.

Wedl’s support has helped to boost the consistency and reliability of the roasting process, enabling Procaffè, and Bristot in particular, to maintain their local character and strictly Italian DNA. The takeover of the group has certainly led to a real acceleration in turnover from 2000 onwards.

Thanks to the resources invested in 2018, Procaffè has passed the 35-million-euro turnover milestone, roasting 5.3 million kilos of coffee. The domestic turnover accounts for 43% of the total, while its established export business to sixty-five different countries recorded signs of growth in Russia, Greece, the UK and eastern Europe during 2018.

Over recent years, Procaffè has also invested in training, founding the Accademia Procaffè, which has since been renamed the Bristot Coffee Academy. It employs around thirty teachers who train professionals (particularly baristas) how to serve end consumers the best possible coffee, extracted in exactly the right way. What is more, Procaffè can now proudly state that it is the fourth roasting plant in Italy to have a “SCA premier campus” certified coffee academy.

Thanks to a consolidated export market in sixty-five countries, the group is aiming for further expansion in 2019 in the Far East, Australia and the United States, albeit without ever neglecting the quality of its Italian-made product.

Experience the 100-year difference for yourself

The creativity and drive for perfection founder Domenic Bristot is one still shared today by our Procaffe team, who strive to bring luxury coffee experiences to Melbourne workplaces.

To experience a touch of “Italianess” in your every day, get in touch with Procaffe for a free 2-week coffee machine trial – Bristot Coffee included.