When it comes to the world of coffee, choosing the best automatic coffee machine can be tough. With so many options available, how do you know which is right for your workplace?

We’ve done the hard work and found the best automatic coffee machines in the market, making your next choice easier than ever!

Franke A400: The best automatic coffee machine for medium to large businesses

The Franke A400 is one of the best coffee makers for workplaces that need high demand on quality coffee, with little maintenance required.

Advantages of using the Franke A400 in your workplace:

  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Configured to meet the exact requirements of your staff’s tastes and preferences, guaranteeing a great experience for all coffee lovers
  • Fully automatic cleaning system that is executed every 20 minutes, ensuring outstanding hygiene compliance and low-maintenance on your coffee machine
  • No automatic office coffee machine is complete without a self-contained milk frothing component. Never again deal with a fiddly frothing wand, or burn your hand on squirting milk foam. Franke A400’s first-class milk system guarantees a no-fuss dispense for your cappuccinos, your macchiato, and everything in between.

Franke A400 automatic coffee machine

Franke A600: The ultimate professional automatic coffee machine for enterprises

For enterprises and businesses with 80+ employees, the Franke A600 coffee machine is one of the most state of the art brewing units on the market. If you’re seeking the best automatic coffee machine for your large business, this is it!

Advantages of using the Franke A600 in your workplace:

Being the big brother of the Franke A400, the Franke A600 has all the advantages and features of the Franke A400 PLUS MORE.

  • Designed to meet the needs of hundreds of coffee lovers each day, the Franke A600 can hold up to two different blends of coffee beans, doubling your choice of blend and giving your employees a bountiful choice of beverages
  • Looking to impress those clients with a specific palette? Enhance their coffee experience with the Franke A600 Flavour Station. Cafe style caramel lattes and fruity milk drinks are available with the touch of a button
  • Unlike the smaller Franke automatic coffee machine, the Franke A600 can dispense up to 350 cups of coffee per day

Franke A600 automatic coffee macine

For the best coffee experience in your workplace, make your next automatic coffee machine hire a Franke.

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