More workplaces are starting their days with a fresh coffee, brewed from their automatic office coffee machine. If you’re like us, you love the taste of a great barista made coffee. Unfortunately, when you’re in an office of over 30 people, it’s hard to get that quality taste in quick time – especially during that  Monday morning scramble over that slow little espresso machine.

Between slow dispensing, and limited beverage types, most staff would prefer to pay out of pocket and visit the little coffee stand across the road.

That’s why more workplaces in Melbourne are investing in automatic office coffee machines. And we’ve got the low-down on why.

7 reasons your workplace should invest in an automatic office coffee machine:

  1. Touch screen functionality makes placing your order quick and easy
  2. Consistently great taste and quality. A fully automatic coffee machine is configured to specific temperature and strength settings, giving you great coffee in every cup
  3. Having reliable, café quality coffee in the heart of your office. Gone are the days of waiting in line at that crowded cafe stand across the road
  4. A professional automatic coffee machine can turn out multiple drink options and coffee types. From hot chocolate to latte’s and cappuccinos, there’s an option for every coffee connoisseur
  5. Three words: High volume dispense. Commercial automatic coffee machines are capable of dispensing up to 300 coffees per day! In a busy office with clients to please and staff to keep energized, you need an automatic coffee machine that can keep up with the demand.
  6. Does cleaning out the office espresso machine gross you out? The future is here: high end automatic coffee machines have a fully automatic cleaning system that executes a milk cleaning sequence every 20 minutes! Enjoy a hygienic and great tasting coffee without worry!
  7. Dress to impress! Automatic coffee machines for business aren’t the clunky set up you see in cafes, or instant coffee in a jar. Impress your clients and shareholders with a state-of-the-art sleek designed coffee machine that produces quality coffee with just the touch of a button.

Ready to bring your workplace into the future with an automatic office coffee machine? We’re offering a 2-week free coffee machine trial! Find out more about our offer here.

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