Typical office coffee machines get a bad rep, and for good reason – most companies don’t really put high-quality brewed coffee as one of their priorities.  

For most employees, it’s already considered lucky to have a fully automatic coffee machine in the office. But, we’re here to tell you, whether you’re a small business owner, or a facilities manager, or even someone of higher authority within the company, office coffee machines are a worthy investment. 

Here’s why: 

1.Office coffee machines are convenient 

When you buy a premium coffee machine for office use, everyone gets access to great-tasting coffee right within the office.  

Now, no one has to leave the office to get a cup of joe – it’s right there, just a few steps away.  

2. Better-tasting coffee

Let’s face it. Cheap coffee makers make bad coffee. There’s no denying it. It’s even worse when your coffee beans are bad. But, if you’re investing in quality office coffee machines, we’re assuming that you also plan on spending money on quality beans.  

Put those two together, and you’ve got brewed coffee to die for.  

3. Improved office productivity 

Speaking of dying, most employees won’t bleed for companies – unless they give them good coffee.  

Of course, we’re speaking figuratively. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that having a premium coffee machine for office use right there in the office kitchen with quality beans makes employees more motivated to work harder and come in early. 

4. Higher employee morale 

What do you get when employees are happy and are motivated to work hard? 

An overall positive office environment with high employee morale where everyone loves working there and feel like they belong.  

5. Good first impressions 

Employees are not the only one who can appreciate good coffee, clients do as well.  

With quality office coffee machines, you won’t hesitate to offer a cup of coffee to your clients. In fact, you’ll insist. You might even go as far as to ask them what kind of coffee they prefer, knowing that most commercial coffee machine brands can pretty much cater to a variety of needs.  

Office coffee

Quality Office Coffee Machines Are an Investment 

Your employees are an investment, and anything that makes them more productive, motivated, and happier, is an investment as well.  

That’s what office coffee machines are. 

A fully automatic coffee machine is the ideal solution for all of your office’s brewed coffee needs, and by working with companies that provide you with a coffee machine for office use for a certain monthly fee, along with maintenance, servicing, repairs, and coffee bean selection, you guarantee that your employees don’t have to worry about when and how they’re going to get their daily coffee fix.  

Be sure to get in touch with Procaffe to browse through our selection of office coffee needs and find one that fits your business needs!