Sip with purpose

YAWU is the Kamilaroi word meaning ‘Yes’.

Through choosing this amazing coffee you are saying yes to becoming a mate and providing pathways for Indigenous communities through the amazing work done by Blackroo Community. Roasted locally in partnership with Schibello Coffee, every batch of Yawu Brew coffee is carefully crafted, balancing medium-bodied fruity notes with bold and earthy undertones. Procaffe is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Yawu Brew, working in partnership with Blackroo Community.

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We’re here to ensure you’re greeted with a luxury coffee every day at work.

As a premium supplier of automatic and semi-automatic office coffee machines, you and your team
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Coffee machine service and maintenance programs.

Say goodbye to broken machines and burnt coffee

Whether you’ve got hundreds of staff or clients you need to impress, there’s no excuse for a bad coffee experience.

Our experienced coffee technicians will ensure that your office coffee machine is always running just as it should.

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Enhance your coffee experience with all the extras

Enjoy the convenience of all your coffee supplies delivered straight to your workplace.

Drink great coffee AND help save the planet

Currently, most coffee waste ends up in landfill. But we know that there’s a
better way. We’ve partnered with Planetware to offer collection of your
coffee waste to be recycled into compost and energy.

Now you can have your daily coffee guilt-free, while knowing you’re doing
your bit for our environment.

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At Procaffe we understand that every business is different.

That’s why we are focused on providing the highest level of service to each customer,
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