Corporate coffee service is a relatively new trend in the work industry.

As coffee fuels more and more of today’s employees, the need for proper coffee solutions within the office has grown. And, even though it’s not up to the company to provide such an amenity, it never hurts to give your 80+ employees a reason to be less grumpy and more motivated, which is exactly what many a corporate coffee service promises to do.

But, what exactly is a corporate coffee service? What’s included? More importantly, what should a facility manager know about a corporate coffee service?

1. On-demand access to a premium coffee machine

Premium professional coffee machines don’t come cheap. That’s why a lot of companies hesitate to invest in them. But, with a corporate coffee service, these can be had for a fraction of the cost.

2. Regular servicing and maintenance

The problem with large office coffee machines is that they need regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as servicing, to work as intended.

They’re not cumbersome to take care of, but you do have to have the right tools, training, and knowledge to do it.

That seems like a huge problem, unless of course, you consider the fact that regular servicing and maintenance is usually included with your contract with a corporate coffee service provider.

3. Technicians on call

Speaking of regular servicing and maintenance, repairs can be done on-site and on-demand with technicians that are always on call.

So, while problems with the professional coffee machines might be inevitable, you do have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have technicians on call, ready to fix the issue as soon as they are reported.


4. Customised to fit your office needs

Coffee drinkers are a finicky bunch. A corporate coffee service helps ensure that all coffee drinkers and their tastes, within the office, are accommodated and catered to.

5. Wide selection of quality coffee beans

Variety is always a good thing.

In addition to access to easy serving espresso and professional-grade espresso coffee machines, your entire office is also treated to a wide selection of quality coffee beans.

6. A dedicated corporate coffee service account manager

The dedicated account manager will take care of it all.

Whether it’s your first time trying out corporate coffee service, or you’re switching from another service, your account manager will make the transition seamless and simple.

Join Forces With a Corporate Coffee Service Today

Signing a contract with a corporate coffee service is a huge leap of faith, but, it is an investment well worth it.

Just keep in mind, it’s not just professional coffee machines you’re paying for. Or, the fact that you get high quality beans. These large office coffee machines also benefit your workplace significantly by giving employees what they want and when they want it.

Never ever underestimate how much a good cup of coffee can inspire an employee to come in early and be productive.

Besides, investing in a corporate coffee service shows that the company cares about its 80+ employees.

As a facilities manager, it is one of your many duties to make employees feel that they are cared for, and that’s perhaps a benefit that’s more important than having access to professional coffee machines all-day long.

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